ACA Chapel

aca chapel

The mission of Abbeville Christian Academy is to provide a Christian environment in which to develop well-educated, well-disciplined students with a positive self-esteem, a sense of fair play, and leadership skills needed for the 21st century. We seek to develop students’ characters, spiritual values, intellects, patriotism, leadership and individuality. Parental support and participation are vital tour success.

Through a weekly chapel time, our students will engage in the mission of Abbeville Christian Academy and develop intspiritual leaders among their peers. Our chapel time will be centered around delivering life-changing messages relevant to the youth of this generation. Students will be led in worship by a group of their peers who will deliver leadership through song each week. Our Fellowship of Christian Students will organize speakers from surrounding churches and nationally recognized Christian organizations. Our students will be encouraged to explore their own journey in faith in Jesus Christ, as they make life choices in each of their classes and with their friends. Parents and family members are welcome to attend during this special time.

High School Chapel Time will be each Wednesday morning at 9:45 a.m.

Expectations for Students:

Each student at ACA is expected tbe safe, responsible and respectful during chapel time.

  • Be Safe:
    • Enter Gymnasium and Chapel area quietly
    • No running; No food or drink
    • Sit correctly in appropriate area in the chairs provided
  • Be Respectful:
    • Be respectful of participants and speakers
    • Actively participate in worship
    • Leave no trace (pick up after yourself)
  • Be Responsible:
    • Sit quietly and be attentive
    • Treat furnishings with respect
    • Help others Worship

Expectations for Teachers:

  • Attend chapel services with your students and sit on the row with your homeroom students
  • Participate in worship and encourage students to participate
  • Be available to the students and get to know them

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